Roger Jones, businessman, philanthropist, humanitarian and avid athlete has founded numerous business and community organizations. In 1996, he started Companion Associates, Inc., one of South Carolina’s largest privately held real estate development firms.

He has helped to establish Reading Partners of South Carolina, Charleston Social Venture Partners, and The Charleston Paddle Club. He has served on the board of directors of The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce; Healing NET, a national non-profit that educates physicians and patients regarding Neuroendocrine Cancer; and The South Carolina Writers Association among many others.

In 2009 Roger and his wife, Teresa Jones, an award-winning artist founded The Companion Foundation to create affordable housing and educational programs for the underserved community. 

During a 2012 trip to East Germany to receive an intensive radiation treatment for Neuroendocrine Cancer, Roger decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a writer. After returning home he attended many writing classes and conferences. 

THE FINAL VICTORY is his first novel. He has had articles and short stories published in several local publications as well as The Writers Digest

Roger was inducted into his high school athletic Hall of Fame and celebrated his sixtieth birthday by paddling an outrigger canoe in an international competition, The Liberty Challenge, a fifteen-mile race in the New York City Hudson River. 

Married for forty-nine years, Roger is the proud father of three children and grandfather of three grandchildren. His life’s greatest lesson is quoted by THE FINAL VICTORY’s protagonist Tripp Avery, “Forgiveness is the foundation of all miracles.”


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“The voice was soft but the words rang loud in my head. Forgiveness is the foundation of all miracles.” ~ THE FINAL VICTORY